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About Christina Maria 

Since as far back as I can remember, childhood really, I've loved decorating and designing spaces. I'd often find myself, and still do, being in a space, whether while in a waiting room, office building, church, a school room, gym or even in other peoples' homes, mentally decorating or even completely redesigning the space. 


Growing up in Europe, and learning several languages I pursued that as a career and today I'm proud to serve in the world's greatest Air Force.

But I have never lost my love for design. Instead, I find that it's a passion that continues to grow stronger every day. 


I've always enjoyed putting personal finishing touches on the homes I've lived in, whether I owned or rented.


But, in 2019 after we bought our forever home in Georgia this passion of mine started to morph into me picking up power tools and learning alongside my husband, Alan, that I don't only love decorating and designing but also really enjoy getting my hands dirty and "DIYing" in my own home.

Seeing my design go from my mind to paper to reality is something that brings me great joy.    

I am married to Alan, an Air Force veteran and carpenter, who spurns me on to continue to dream big and encourages me always to make those dreams a reality. We have four daughters, three grandchildren, one K-9 boy, and few cats. 

I'm thankful you are here and hope you will follow along our journey of remodeling this home that we love - One Room at A Time. 

Contact me at to collaborate or for design advice.

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